Ambrose Designer Homes
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Ambrose Designer Homes is a family owned Queensland business with a specific focus on building quality homes for regional families.

Building in regional Queensland is different.  There are different conditions and environmental factors that must be considered.  What is not different is the expectations of new home owners and their expectation in accessing the same level of luxury and sophistication as those in the South East corner without an over inflated price.

Brett and Melissa are the driving forces behind Ambrose Building, one of Queensland’s most successful Insurance Repair Specialists.  With eight offices across Queensland Brett and Melissa know they can deliver quality across Regional Queensland.  A Customer Satisfaction Rating of 9.45/10 in an industry that always starts with a traumatic event is testament to this.

With deep family, professional and social ties in the region Ambrose Designer Homes was launched in Toowoomba with properties built and sold in Highfields, Middle Ridge and Kleinton.

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